MDU Fiber Internet Services

Our 100% fiber optic network serves multi-dwelling properties of all sizes and is specifically designed to allow property managers, condo boards and HOAs to bring great service to their communities. Services connect to every unit, keeping your property competitive and your residents highly satisfied. Residents can even upgrade to different tiered internet packages as needed.

Deliver the Work-from-Home Performance Your Residents Demand

Residents want seamless technology with better service that meets their needs. MDU owners, developers, and managers want to capitalize on that need. If you’re not providing residents with move-in ready internet and entertainment services, you’re missing the opportunity to provide unique amenities and recurring revenue.
ADM Technologies Inc. helps property managers attract and retain residents by providing the level of service and support needed today. We increase your asset values by increasing NOI and providing valuable infrastructure that will serve you well into the future. From Zoom calls to webinars, to school at the kitchen table, residents need next generation Wi-Fi to meet the demands of everyday life. you could say “we cater to those needs / amenities / demand”.