VoIP Solutions Commercial and residential

VoIP Solutions Goes Beyond Calls

Discover VoIP Phone system designed for your industry: offices, retail, hospitality, service businesses and more. VoIP services can save 30-50 % on monthly telephone costs by:

  • Reducing high costs of long-distance phone calls (unlimited free VoIP calls to US and Puerto Rico)
  • free calling features that you typically pay for with landlines
  • Local and long-distance calls, tolls and international calls, Caller ID, Direct Inward Calling and Rapid Call Setup.

Other benefits of VoIP phone system

With an IP phone system, you no longer have to keep VoIP and IP PBX hardware inside your office premises. You can choose to have it hosted so that you’ll get all the enterprise-level functionality you need in a phone system without having to worry about the overhead costs of maintaining a server inside your building.

That’s because modern VoIP-based cloud phone systems ditch the limitations of traditional telephony, allowing computers and other connected devices to place phone calls through the internet. It is able to do so thanks to transport protocols, which are responsible for establishing the connection and making sure data packets reach their destination.

Every person and department can have their own direct dial number, simplifying inter-business and external communication.

Voicemail to email, and much more..

Keep Your Phone Number

Time to cut the cord. Whether you're looking to save some money, moving, or cancelling an old service, we know your phone number is important. We've made managing it a breeze. And our simple and inexpensive transfer process means one less thing to worry about.